Compare moving companies estimate before hiring one for your move

Moving places is expensive as you need to hire the services of the best movers in order to enjoy a hassle free move. However, to have an estimated cost of moving you can use the moving companies estimate calculator that helps in determining the moving expenses so that you can set aside a budget for moving places. The calculator requires details like moving from location and then moving to the destination in order to calculate the moving distance and also the moving size and the packing services required to offer you an estimate on the moving costs.Some movers also require the move date as moving costs may be increased in the weekends due to high demand while discounts are offered in the week days. The estimate cost of moving may vary from company to company and hence before hiring the services of the movers you can actually check out their moving estimates to compare and find one suitable to your needs.

The moving companies estimates differ based on the packing services availed. If you choose none of the packing services you are responsible to pack all the goods and load them into the vehicles while the moving company takes care of the transportation services. But the catch is they are not responsible for any damages as the packing is done by you. The full moving services include the moving company’s expert team to handle all the packing and unpacking of the things bringing in their own packing supplies and also loading and unloading the goods and assembling them in the new place. This service relieves you from the moving stress or hassles and is recommended when you don’t have the experience in handling moving places.

However, you should not go by cheap moving company estimates and should do some research regarding the reliability of the company to handle your move. You should check out if the moving company has a physical address and handles the move without subcontracting to the third party. You should also rely only the moving companies that take the time to physically visit your home to estimate your belongings and offer you a fixed quote without any more hidden charges. It is also better to avail the services of moving companies that are rated by BBB and registered with FMCSA for better services. You should also ensure the move is covered under the insurance by the company so that any damages to your goods shall be compensated by the moving company.

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